Using just water, simple salt and an electrical supply our mobile unit manufactures an extremely powerful disinfectant that can destroy fungi, viruses and bacteria, including all pathogens currently considered high risk. This includes COVID 19, MRSA, Clostridium difficile, Escherichia coli, norovirus, H5N1 avian flu, H1N1 swine flu, HIV, polio virus, Legionella, right up to and including Anthrax.
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The Telegraph STEM Awards Features Wananchi Water Purification

Wananchi Mobile Water Purification is honoured to be featured alongside The Telegraph STEM awards; a unique opportunity for the UK’s most talented undergraduates to present world-changing ideas to some of the leading names in British industry. Continue reading “The Telegraph STEM Awards Features Wananchi Water Purification”

Séon Seawolf – Mobile Reverse Osmosis

Purifying seawater with Wananchi portable water makers; introducing the Seawolf. Continue reading “Séon Seawolf – Mobile Reverse Osmosis”

The Tough Amazon Case

The first experience of the Séon UV unit that anyone would have is of the case it is housed in. Continue reading “The Tough Amazon Case”

Water disinfection for Space Exploration

Heart of our portable water purifier is UVC LED disinfection making Séon UV a leader in mobile water purifiers. Continue reading “Water disinfection for Space Exploration”

A Guide to Water Turbidity

In every conversation we have regarding water purification, there is one question that will almost always come up..  ‘How long do the filters last?’
Continue reading “A Guide to Water Turbidity”