Model: WPA1006
Source water pumping and storage system

The Transfer Tank Kit is a Wananchi developed package for pumping water from source into storage with the capability to dramatically lower the turbidity of the source water.

Assisting natural sedimentation, the use of Wananchi Dosing Shots helps clump together and settle the sediment in the source water. This process significantly extends the lifespan of the filters in the Séon water purification system, reducing the frequency and minimising costs.

The integration of a reliable 240 VAC water pump and quick-release hoses streamlines the process of transferring water from the source to storage. This efficiency allows for the convenient and rapid setup of water storage in the base camp, reducing logistical challenges and associated risks.

The self-supporting collapsible 1000-litre water tank enables the convenient storage of water pre-purification directly at the base camp, ensuring a readily available and accessible water supply for various operational needs.


  • Man portable
  • Self Supporting Tank
  • Quite running
  • Sediment settling with coagulation and flocculation.
  • 30m lay flat hose

Operational Benefits

  • Improved Source Water Quality.
  • Prolonged Filter Life.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • On-Site Water Availability.
  • Reduced Operational Costs.

Operational Data

Capability                                           Fresh & Sea  Water
Max water delivery rate                   3,180 l/h
Max head                                            20.0 m
Voltage                                                230 VAC
Power                                                  8000 W
Dosing Shot A 20ml Coagulant:    S-Mix 2040
Dosing Shot B 20ml Flocculent:    1% Flopam
Tank Capacity                                    1000 l
Tank NSN 5430-99-155-5416


Hoses and canvas bags, pump canvas bag, inlet hose float mechanism and canvas bag, 10 x Dosing Shots A & B.


Tank Dimensions Open
W: 1500mm
D: 1500mm
H: 850mm
Dry Weight: 26 kg

Tank Dimensions Packed
W: 500mm
D: 1200mm
H: 250mm
Weight: 26 kg

Inlet hose length 8.0 m
Discharge hose length 30.0 m

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