Purifying seawater with Wananchi portable water makers; introducing the Seawolf.

The largest water source on the planet is without doubt, the sea. From the success of Séon UV and  Séon UVT fresh water purifiers, Wananchi knuckled down to develop the Séon Seawolf series of mobile RO (reverse osmosis) watermakers to add the capability of sea water purification.

Séon RO Seawolf and Séon TRO Seawolf were born. Both water purifiers were designed and are built with ‘Séon Water Purification Technology‘; tough, easy to use mobile desalination systems, self contained with integral power and pumps.

RO is essentially the process of pressurising water at high pressure against a membrane, salts and over dissolved solids in the water remain on the high pressure side whilst just put water passes through to the low pressure side. The pressure applied in Seawolf is typically 850 psi (58 Bar) to purify seawater. The membranes are held within pressure vessels designed specifically for this.

To achieve this pressure we use a feed pump to collect the water and filter out the worst of the muck from the water. This feed water is then passed on to a high pressure pump where its is boosted up to the nominal 850 psi and on to the RO membranes.

The product water is extremely pure; we pass this water through a re-mineralise cartridge to replace any lost minerals and make the water taste great.

It should be noted that the RO process is not conventional filtration, the contaminants in the water are not trapped in a filter cartridge, these are retained in what we term as a concentrate or ‘dump’ water and returned to the ground. From source water we can typically expect 20-30% pure water extracted whilst the rest becomes the concentrate. many factors control this % including the level of contaminants and temperature of the source water.

Whilst of course Seawolf has the ability to desalinate seawater, both systems have the capability to reduce harmful levels of many other contaminants from water; even offering NBC (Nuclear Biological  Chemical) water purification protection.