Model: WSIFC21055
High Output, Containerised Water Purification System

Séon IFC is a high output, high quality mobile water purification system housed within an internationally recognised standard shipping container.

With the capability to process up to 6m³ in a 24-hour period directly from seawater using high efficiency Reverse Osmosis systems, Séon IFC is built for the supply of drinking water in emergency response situations, large semi-permanent base camps and military applications and similar by purifying water direct from source. The commercial applications are also wide where there is a need for a supply of purified water on location.

Séon IFC excels by incorporating an automated disinfectant generating system which produces HOCL, a powerful, but completely safe and non-toxic disinfectant for post purification water protection.

Séon IFC is a complete water solution. Simply ship the unit to site, plug into a power supply and purify water direct from source.


  • Purifies seawater
  • 6000 litres pure water per hour
  • Fast installation
  • Integrated disinfectant generator.
  • Automatic pre-filter backwash and de-sludge

Operational Benefits

  • Low cost per litre of drinking water.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Minimal training requirements.
  • Reduced logistical cost and risk.
  • Assured water quality

Operational Data
Optimum with fresh filters

Capability                                   Sea Water
Max water production             6000 l/h (Seawater) – 9000 l/h (Brackish)
Operating pressures
Feed water:                             150 psi (10 Bar)
HP Feed:                                  640-853 psi (44.1 – 58.8 bar)
Salt rejection                              98.6%
Feed Water Salinity                  35,000ppm NaCl, 25˚C
Product water quality               <450ppm
Power                                           3.3 kW
Voltage                                         240 VAC 1P
Dosing tank capacity                 12 l
Cold weather pack available    Yes

Container Data

20’ side opening – standard height
Standard container ISO locking points
Insulated walls and ceilings – MultiPro with 50mm RockWool insulation.
Flooring that will be resistant to salt water – 3mm steel durbar stitch welded & sealed & painted with epoxy resin paint
Climate control for hot and cold weather – standard split air conditioning unit – external condenser box to be recessed into the side of the container.
Drain point to expel water from spillage.
Water inlet and outlet manifolds: 2” BSP.
Power connection plate to allow power connectors fitment.
Approximate weight: 7,000kg
Fujitsu split cooling and heating unit: Total power 4KW


Membrane filter certified for bacterial retention >Log 7 microbial reduction 99.9999%. WRAS/BS6920/FDA Compliant.
UVC Lamp disinfection certified for bacterial retention >Log 4 microbial reduction 99.99% with testing in accordance with NSF and EPA drinking water guidelines & tested for NSF/ANSI 372 & 61 compliance.
Full system microbiologically tested by UKAS approved laboratory.
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65.

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