Model: Solapac Power20
               Solapac PowerStore 20-30
               Solapac PowerStore 20-60
Combined Mobile Power and Water Treatment Systems

Wananchi have teamed up with Greenheart Energy to develop Solapac, a versatile renewable energy generator and water treatment system delivering ‘grid quality’ energy and filtered water to remote areas.

Where diesel is the only real alternative the Solapac provides a real economical, secure alternative, which is environmentally friendly saving on costs and CO2 production.

Solapac is a uniquely packaged, versatile renewable utility system that can be quickly installed and commissioned where the power is needed. The Solapac ensures reliable “grid-quality” 3-phase (400V) power is supplied throughout the day & night enabling commerce, education, healthcare, and growth.

Drinking water is provided by Wananchi’s Séon UVC, high output freshwater treatment systems which is integrated directly within the container. Solapac is capable of powering 3 x Séon UVC systems capable of delivering a impressive combined output of up to 9,000 litres per hour.

Equipped with remote monitoring and Wi-Fi, the Solapac is modular and can be expanded and customised to suit the Customer’s requirements by our experienced ISO9001 accredited South African based engineers.


  • Power: 110v | 220v | 440v 3 phase to drive the rural economy & industry
  • Purified Water: World Health Organization (“WHO”) standards
  • ICT Connectivity: Roaming / Multi SIM telecommunications.

Operational Benefits

  • 3-phase “grid quality” power supplying up to 200kWh per day
  • “Plug and play” rapid installation with minimal skill set required
  • Remote monitoring and alerts aiding efficient operations
  • Tier 1 / market leading components
  • Flexible generation & easy integration with on / off grid assets
  • Modular simple to plug units together and increase power

You can learn more about Solapac on their webpage Here.

 System Solapac Power20 Solapac PowerStore 20-30 Solapac PowerStore 20-60
Overview Power Power & storage Power & Storage
kWp size 33.2 kWp 33.2 kWp 33.2 kWp
Battery Energy Storage Size 24kWh 52.8kWh
Electrical output 3-phase 3-phase 3-phase
Dimensions (for transport) 6.056m (l) x 2.438m (w) x 2.592m (h)

Standard ISO 6mtr Dry Van

6.056m (l) x 2.438m (w) x 2.592m (h)

Standard ISO 6mtr Dry Van

6.056m (l) x 2.438m (w) x 2.592m (h)

Standard ISO 6mtr Dry Van

Dry weight (shipping) – _subject to final specification 3.9 tonnes 5.9 tonnes 10.05 tonnes
Footprint (once installed) 17m (l) x 9m (w) 17m (l) x 9m (w) 17m (l) x 9m (w)

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