Model: Gen 2
Automated Dosing System (ADS)

Introducing Wananchi’s Automated Dosing System (ADS): a ground-breaking design engineered specifically for water purification systems, streamlining the process of accurate disinfectant dosing for purified drinking water.

Compact and uniquely powered by a 12VDC supply, the ADS system seamlessly integrates into Wananchi’s smallest Séon water purification systems, ensuring space efficiency without compromising functionality.

Setting up the ADS system is effortless. Simply connect it to a standard phone or laptop, choose the disinfectant type and strength, select the desired output disinfectant strength, fill the dosing tank, and it’s ready to operate.

The ADS system continuously monitors water flow, automatically adjusting the dosage of the disinfectant based on the selected presets, ensuring consistent and reliable water quality.

Equipped with advanced capabilities, the ADS controller can receive various water quality measurements, providing real-time insights into the output water quality and offering additional reassurance to meet diverse compliance requirements.

For added convenience, a yellow dashboard indicator lamp alerts users to low disinfectant tank levels, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.


  • Simple dosing setting
  • Low voltage system
  • Accurate dosing via flow monitoring
  • Low level
  • Works with both NaOCl and HOCI chlorines

Operational Benefits

  • Added protection to water quality
  • Cross contamination protection post water delivery
  • Compact to fit in the smallest of purification systems
  • Removes responsibility from user for chlorine dosing
  • Meets organisations compliance regulations

Operational Data

Capability                                             NaOCl and HOCI chlorines
Delivery Flow                                       0-260 ml/min
Output chlorine dose                          0.5 – 5.0 ppm
Water temperature                              0>50˚
Power Supply                                       12 VDC 6VA
Device Connection                              USBC
Flow Meter                                           Specified for system

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