Model: WSROC11000
Mobile Water Purification System (Large Groups)

Séon ROC Seawolf is a durable, chassis-mounted portable water purification system, specifically designed with direct input from defence and emergency services, for extracting pure water directly from seawater.

Operating the system is simple: just connect the colour-coded hoses, position the inlet to the water source, and activate the switch to produce clean, drinkable water.

Featuring a high-performance, energy-efficient reverse osmosis (RO) system, Séon ROC Seawolf efficiently generates potable water from seawater, utilising its integrated high-efficiency recovery pump.

Enclosed within a sturdy, military-grade chassis, the entire system is meticulously engineered to withstand even the most demanding environments and rough handling.

With its compact design, the system can be easily transported by a team of four individuals, seamlessly integrating into standard logistical chains.


  • Purifies seawater
  • 600 litres pure water per hour
  • Set up in minutes
  • Optional automatic chlorine dosing and UVC disinfection.
  • Automatic pre-filter backwash cycle

Operational Benefits

  • Low cost per litre of drinking water.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Minimal training requirements.
  • Reduced logistical cost and risk.
  • Assured water quality

Operational Data
Optimum with fresh filters

Capability Sea Water
Max water production             600 l/h (Seawater) – 900 l/h (Brackish)
Operating pressures
Feed water:                              150 psi (10 Bar)
HP Feed:                                  640-853 psi (44.1 – 58.8 bar)
Salt rejection                              98.6%
Feed Water Salinity                  35,000ppm NaCl, 25˚C
Product water quality               <450ppm
Power                                           3.3 kW
Voltage                                         240 VAC 1P
Dosing tank capacity                 12 l
Cold weather pack available    Yes
Interconnect hose length          1.5m
Inlet hose length                        8.0m
Product hose length                  5.0m

Dimensions and Weights

Control Unit
W: 1250mm
D: 5300mm
H: 830mm
Weight: 170 kg

Node Unit 1
W: 810mm
D: 680mm
H: 1230mm
Weight: 170 kg

Node Unit 2
W: 140mm
D: 480mm
H: 490mm
Weight: 95 kg


Membrane filter certified for bacterial retention >Log 7 microbial reduction 99.9999%. WRAS/BS6920/FDA Compliant.
UVC Lamp disinfection certified for bacterial retention >Log 4 microbial reduction 99.99% with testing in accordance with NSF and EPA drinking water guidelines & tested for NSF/ANSI 372 & 61 compliance.
Full system microbiologically tested by UKAS approved laboratory.
Ingress Protection Rating: IP65.

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