Water Purification Solutions

Discover Wananchi’s extensive lineup of mobile water purification systems designed to meet a diverse array of needs and scenarios. Whether you require purification for freshwater or seawater, for small groups or large communities, our range offers versatile solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Complemented by our comprehensive selection of supporting equipment and disinfection solutions, Wananchi provides a complete Deployable Water Supply System (DWSS) tailored to your needs.

Explore our range and select the system that best fits your needs. If you need assistance in choosing the right system for your water purification needs, our team at Wananchi is here to provide dedicated support and guidance. Contact us today to get started.

Séon UV

Introducing Séon UV – a game-changing, lightweight water purification system that delivers clean, drinkable water directly from the source.

Séon UVC

Introducing Séon UVC – a ground-breaking, compact mobile water purification system designed to deliver high volumes of clean, safe drinking water directly from the source.

Séon RO Seawolf

Séon RO Seawolf is a class leader, portable water purification system that enables production of pure water direct from the sea.

Séon ROC Seawolf

Séon ROC Seawolf is a durable, chassis-mounted portable water purification system, specifically designed with direct input from defence and emergency services, for extracting pure water directly from seawater.

Séon IFC

Séon IFC is a high output, high quality mobile water purification system housed within an internationally recognised standard shipping container.


Wananchi have teamed up with Greenheart Energy to develop Solapac, a versatile renewable energy generator and water treatment system delivering ‘grid quality’ energy and filtered water to remote areas.

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