Model: ATT18
Modular Towing System – 1.8 Tonne

Introducing Wananchi’s ATT18 All-Terrain Trailer—an agile and robust towing solution engineered for 4×4 and smaller vehicles in harsh environments. With high ground clearance and mud-fouling-resistant wheel arches, it excels in challenging terrains.

The ATT18 features an easy-change, low-maintenance rubber suspension system for durability and simplicity.

Its fully welded load area with tie-down points and a drop-down rear load door ensures secure stowing of diverse cargo, from loose aggregate to plant equipment.

Customise your solution with accessory options like a wheel carrier, metal hard canopy, canvas soft canopy, and shock/vibration isolation packs for fixed equipment loads.

Choose the ATT18 for a reliable, adaptable, and rugged logistics solution in demanding environments.

For more tarmac road biased applications Wananchi can provide established trailer brands for water purification mounting.


  • Rigid design
  • Lightweight suspension
  • Multiple tie down points
  • Optional hard or soft canopies
  • Optional swing out spare wheel carrier
  • Choice of either cup or lunette eye couplings and hitch heights for different tow options.

Operational Benefits

  • Low Maintenance
  • Mechanical auto braking
  • Tough, rigid body
  • Military style design
  • Excellent weight distribution for safe towing.

Overall Dimensions

Width                                1425 mm
Height                               1140 mm
Length                              2920 mm
Hitch Hight (Lower)      580 mm
Hitch Hight (Upper)      715mm
Trailer Weight                 420 kg
Rated Gross Weight        1800 kg
Wheels                               16×6.5” Steel rims
Tyres                                  205/80 R16

Payload Dimensions

Width                               1570 mm
Depth                               470 mm
Length                              1850 mm
Soft Canopy Height       960 mm
Soft Canopy Weight      40 kg
Hard Canopy Height     960 mm
Hard Canopy Weight    150 kg

Further Specification

Auto reverse mechanical brakes, swing down stabilisers, swing out spare wheel carrier, full road lights, load area tie down points.

Trailer and canopy colour on request at point of order.

For alternative trailers, please contact the team at Wananchi where we can specify exactly to your requirements.

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