Model: Water Purifier Specific
Cold Weather Pack

Water purification systems face challenges in cold climates where freezing temperatures can ice up pipes, filters, and fittings, leading to operational issues and potential damage. To address this, Wananchi has developed cold weather packs for its mobile water purifiers.

These packs feature advanced thermal protection using Thermablok Aerogel blanket insulation and low-voltage heating pads to raise and maintain system temperatures above freezing. The Aerogel blanket insulation leverages the insulating power of trapped air in a nano-porous silica matrix, ensuring exceptional thermal performance and efficiency.

With a thermal conductivity as low as 0.015W/m²K, the blankets provide superior insulation while their hydrophobic properties prevent water retention and is a hostile environment preventing mould growth. Additionally, the blankets are non-combustible, environmentally friendly, and fully recyclable.

Heat is delivered through strategically placed low-voltage heat pads, ensuring optimal heat dispersal throughout the system. These heating systems operate independently of the water purification systems and can be activated with their own switch. Users can easily monitor the heating status with a red dashboard indicator lamp.


  • Lowest Thermal Conductivity of any insulation product 0.015W/m²K
  • Hydrophobic, extremely vapour permeable
  • Low voltage heating
  • Simple on/off operation

Insulation Properties

Thermal Conductivity: 0.015W/m²K
Fire Classification to Euroclass  C, s1,d0   BS EN ISO 1182
Operating temperatures: -200⁰C to +200⁰C
Impact Strength (Brinell): 80kPa / 80 kN/m² at 10%
Density (Dry): 150kg/m3Vapour
Permeability: ISO 12572: 5to 5.5mu
Specific Heat: 1000 J/kg/K
Embodied Energy: 5.4kgs / CO² per m²
Mould / Bacteria:  NIL / Hostile Platform

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