Heart of our portable water purifier is UVC LED disinfection making Séon UV a leader in mobile water purifiers.

Technology never stands still and with a worldwide focus on energy consumption and environmental concerns; one area of innovation relevant to Water Purification is short wave Ultra Violet light (UV-C).  UV-C  light has always been a reliable method of bacterial and viral disinfection in mobile water purification systems.

Until now, this has been achieved using either the sun or tubular glass UV-C lamps immersed in the water flow. It should be noted that these lamps also contain mercury. Glass in a mobile water purifier is far from ideal. 

We have all heard of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights replacing the old glass lamps that we know so well. Quite simply, LED lights are tough and use very little power. UV-C LED lights have now reached a level for adoption into water purification systems.

Wananchi has teamed up with world leaders in UV-C LED technology, AquiSense Technologies in North Carolina, US and have adopted their new Pearl Aqua product for water disinfection into Séon UV.

With an LED footprint the size of a thumbnail and zero glass to break, Pearl Aqua has been developed directly with BIOWSE for use on the International Space Station and space exploration into the future… This truly is space technology…

The Pearl Aqua sterilises 99.9% of  pathogens making the water perfectly safe to drink whilst additionally preventing ‘grow through and build up’ of organic matter on the final filter extending life.

Pearly Aqua can boast that it is far more compact than conventional LED lamps, whilst also having the ability to switch on and off as many times as you like with no light degradation nor having to wait for the lamp to ‘warm up’ to be 100% effective.

We believe Séon UV is the first mobile water purification system in it’s class to utilise this breakthrough LED technology.  With LED technology replacing conventional glass lamps, it really does make Séon UV a tough portable water purifier.

Oliver Lawal, CEO of Aquisense – “AquiSense is proud to support Wananchi with our unique, UV-C LED technology.  The reliability, robustness and low energy consumption is a perfect fit for the basis of everything that Wananchi do.”

Find out more about Séon UV or visit our partner Aquisense