Water Disinfection: Ensuring Safe Drinking Water

One of the most critical steps in maintaining water quality after purification is disinfection. This process involves dosing the water with chlorine to protect it from harmful pathogens, ensuring it remains safe to drink. Just like the water from a tap at home, post-purification disinfection is essential for preserving water safety.

As a part of our comprehensive Deployable Water Supply System, Wananchi provides mobile disinfectant generators and proprietary automated dosing systems. These systems utilise safe and potent hypochlorous acid (HOCL) to efficiently disinfect water.

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Séon DG

Introducing Séon DG: a versatile disinfectant generator designed for seamless deployment either as a trailer-mounted unit or a standalone system.

Automated Dosing System

Introducing Wananchi’s Automated Dosing System (ADS): a ground-breaking design engineered specifically for water purification systems, streamlining the process of accurate disinfectant dosing for purified drinking water.

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