Séon TRO Seawolf Trailer mounted sea water purification

An All-Terrain Trailer mounted Reverse Osmosis system (RO) for desalinating pure water directly from the sea; a complete seawater purification system

Séon TRO Seawolf was developed utilising proven technology to provide the end user with a robust, durable and simple to use water desalination/purification system. Séon TRO Seawolf whilst mounted in the Wananchi ATT18 All Terrain Trailer is small enough to be towed by a standard 4×4 vehicle.

Operation is simple:

  • Connect the inlet and dump hoses and place the free end of the inlet into the water source. 
  • Prime the inlet hose and switch on.
  • Allow the water to flow through the system and build pressure.
  • Switch on the high-pressure pump and build the membrane pressure to a green line on the dial.

Fresh, safe drinking water will now be coming out of the product hose. 

Séon TRO Seawolf is equipped with the Cathelco Seafresh designed desalination system which includes a feed pump, high pressure pump, a multi-stage purification system including Reverse Osmosis and an integral diesel generator to power the system to enable a stand-alone, all in one operation. Pump priming points and an easy to use control panel with built in water quality monitoring, enables the simple operation of the system.

Learn more about Reverse Osmosis here.

The whole system is housed within an all-terrain trailer to create an all in one, towable, easily deployed package. The system components are secured within a steel perimeter chassis which is protected from shock and vibration on airbag isolation mounts. A choice of Aluminium canopy or UVC resistant canvas protects the system from environmental damage. All components are sourced for their highest quality and proven reliability to ensure the system always works when its needed.

Séon TRO Seawolf can also be purchased without trailer for static applications.

For our high output, freshwater trailered water purifier, read about Séon UVT.

UKAS Certified Drinking Water Quality

Meets WHO and UK drinking water standards

Source Capability Sea Water
Output Capability 660 L/ph
Feed Pressure 35 psi (2.4 Bar)
Working Pressure 850 psi (58 Bar)
Product Water <450 ppm
Feed Water Salinity 35,000 ppm NaCI
Nominal Feed Water Temp 25oC
Feed Water Temp Range  5-350c
Salt Rejection 99.4%
Power 440V AC
Electrical Load 6.25 KW/50Hz
Trailer Dimensions Inc Séon
Weight 1480 Kg
Height 2100mm
Width 1510mm
Length  2920mm
Inlet Hose 8.0m
Product Hose  3.0m
Suction Head 8.0m

Optional Chlorine Dosing