Séon DG High output disinfectant production

Trailer mounted, water sanitisation system capable of producing high volumes of safe disinfectant directly at the source.

Séon DG is a mobile point of use disinfectant generator. Using just water, simple salt and an electrical supply it manufactures a powerful disinfectant called ADS (Anolyte Disinfectant Solution).

The disinfectant is extremely powerful and can destroy fungi, viruses and bacteria, including all pathogens currently considered high risk (i.e. MRSA, Clostridium difficile, Escherichia coli, norovirus, H5N1 avian flu, H1N1 swine flu, HIV, polio virus, Legionella, right up to and including Anthrax).

ADS disinfectant is extremely safe to use as it does not use any dangerous chemicals to make and does not require any specialist training. It is also extremely safe for the environment and can be safely discharged to the ground where it will simply be absorbed back into water.

The disinfectant has many uses including as dosing for water purification, a wash down disinfectant, as a hand sanitiser, wound washing, biofilm cleaning. Applications are wide from military and disaster relief water supplies, hospitals, food production and so on; anywhere a powerful but safe disinfectant is required.

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