Séon RO Seawolf Sea water purification made easy

A compact, portable Reverse Osmosis water maker; desalinate seawater into pure drinking water wherever you go.

Séon RO Seawolf was developed utilising proven technology to be a tough, simple to use portable water purification system. This compact water maker has a footprint small enough to be portable and fit easily into the back of any 4×4 vehicle.

Operation is simple:

  • Connect the 3 hoses and place the free end of the inlet into the water source
  • Switch On and the pump will start drawing water.
  • Bleed air from the system by pressing the black buttons.

Safe, fresh drinking water is now being delivered from the product hose. 

Séon RO Seawolf is equipped with the proven Cathelco Seafresh reverse osmosis (RO) system to produce safe, great tasting drinking water directly from a seawater source.

Learn more about Reverse Osmosis here.

The system utilises a powerful, 12V, self-priming pump powered by a 12v battery providing a safe low voltage with added benefit of multiple charging options (car, mains, solar, generator).

Séon RO Seawolf is fitted with a cutting edge energy recovery system enabling it to achieve the high pressures required for the RO Membranes to desalinate water directly from the sea. The recovery system uses no power except from the water pressure delivered by the feed pump.

A unique, Wananchi designed and Patented filter housing enables fast and simple filter cartridge changes for the RO Pre-filter.

Optional extras include a Solar Charge Kit and the Transfer Tank Kit

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UKAS Certified Drinking Water Quality

Meets WHO and UK drinking water standards

Source Capability Sea Water
Output Capability 60 L/ph
Max Pressure 150 psi (58 Bar)
Power 12V DC
Current 20A Max
Battery 60 Ah Lead Acid
Case Dimensions
Weight 86kg
Height 400mm
Width 450mm
Length 900mm
Ingress Rating IP65
Inlet Hose 2.7m
Product Hose 1.5m
Suction Head 3.0m
Input 110/240V AC
Output 12-14.6V DC
Charge Current 20A max
Ingress Rating IP68

Long Term Storage Mode