Introducing Séon UVC and Séon ROC Seawolf ‘large groups’ compact portable water supply systems.

Replicating the principals of their smaller siblings (Séon UV and Séon RO Seawolf), these high output, low-energy mobile water purification systems deliver safe drinking water quickly and easily. The devices are designed to be portable and fit onto standard commercial air flights, critical for humanitarian response and commercial deployment.

These compact systems are intuitively easy to set up and operate with minimal training for a simple plug-and-play operation.

Both systems provide high output, high quality drinking water with additional automatic pre-filtration backwash to minimise consumables costs and logistics.

Integrated post purification disinfection protects the purified water against cross contamination during water delivery and storage and extending water shelf life.

Their integrated water pumps have been been selected for their low energy consumption and reliability. This allows them to be powered from the smallest of generators or sustainable, zero-carbon energy supply.