The SolaPac pack is solar PV and water purification in a box. The system comes equipped with Solar array and Séon UVT fresh water purification packaged within a 20’ shipping container


  • Powerful solar package
  • Battery pack supported
  • Power Output – 45 kWp
  • Water Output – 7200 l/ph
  • Set up in hours
  • Plug and play operation

“A versatile renewable energy generator and water treatment system that can be quickly delivered and installed where power and water is needed, delivering “grid-quality” energy and filtered water to remote sites or integrated within existing electricity systems providing renewable and cost effective energy immediately wherever the demand is.”

Mike Eyre, CEO, Solapac

Solapac was developed with Wananchi solar partners, Greenheart Energy. This mobile unit can be installed in just a few hours by people with no previous experience and little tooling. Once installed, it delivers “grid-quality” power and purified water with its integrated Séon UVT system to remote locations, providing renewable energy and cost reduction immediately wherever the demand is.

The SolaPac uses photovoltaic modules mounted and orientated towards the sun to convert the solar radiation (sunlight) into clean, usable energy. Once the sun’s energy is converted it can be used to provide power and drinking water for remote operational camps, communities and commercial applications. It can be used to power manufacturing hubs, further enhancing the development opportunity of rural villages.

Should the energy not be put to use immediately the SolaPac has battery storage capability so that the useful energy provided free by the sun can be used at night time or when the sun is not providing the full energy requirements.

All of the electrical components required to convert energy from the sun are pre-installed, wired and tested. Once the SolaPac arrives on site, the framework is removed, simply bolted together and the panels are slotted into simply into place. The solar panels are then joined together and connected to the pre-installed electronic.

The SolaPac has remote monitoring functionality so the operational functionality of the unit can be understood and its performance monitored to ensure that the unit is providing power where it is needed all of the time.

UKAS Certified Drinking Water Quality
Meets WHO and UK drinking water standards

3-Phase, Grid Quality, Output
Post Purification Chlorine Dosing

Solar Module
PV Inverters 2xABB Trio 27.6-TL
Efficiency 98.2%
Charger 3 x Victron Quattro 10KVA
Battery 24 x Enersys OPzV
Capacity 100kWh
Battery Capability 1450 litres per charge
Purification Module
Output 7200 l/ph
Capability Fresh Water
Power 2.5kWh
Max Pressure
Container Dimensions
Length 20′ (6.1m)
Width 8′ (2.44m)
Height 8′ 6″ (2.59m)
Weight 5.2 Tonnes (approx)