High Volumes of Drinking Water Direct from Seawater

Séon ROC Seawolf is a large groups, compact portable water purification system that delivers high volumes of drinking water direct from seawater using ‘Séon Water Purification Technology’.

Designed directly for defence and humanitarian deployment of rapid water supply in a format that is genuinely mobile without aid of machine yet have the water output of much larger systems.


  • Seawater system
  • Intuitive operation
  • Up to 600 LPH
  • Set up in minutes
  • Portable
  • Integral disinfectant dosing


Séon ROC Seawolf is a chassis mounted portable water purification system that enables production of pure drinking water from seawater direct at source using ‘Séon Water Purification Technology’. Simply put a hose into the water source, switch on and make drinking water.

Operation is simple:

  • Connect the colour coded hoses and place the free end of the RED, inlet into the water source. 
  • Prime the inlet with water. 
  • Switch On and the pump will deliver drinking water from the BLUE product hose. 

Fresh, safe, drinking water is now available direct from the sea. 


Séon ROC Seawolf purifies seawater with a multi stage treatment system featuring automated backwash, Reverse Osmosis and LED Ultraviolet (UVC) disinfection technology. The whole system is enclosed within 3 tough, perimeter frame interconnecting modules (Control Unite, Node 1, Node 2)

  • Node Unit 1 houses 1st and 2nd stage filtration with Stage-1 comprising of sediment filtration with semi-automated backwash capability to minimise consumables whilst Stage-2 is made up of twin, 5 micron polishing cartridges.
  • The Controls Unit houses the feed pump, electrical controls, and high pressure pump. A water meter provides simple monitoring of operational use.
  • Node Unit 2 houses a triple set of reverse osmosis pressure vessels, UVC LED’s and disinfectant dosing.

Quick release, handed and colour coded quick release hose connections in conjunction with the integral self-priming pump and power pack ensures a fast set and the ability to produce drinking water in just minutes.

The chassis are equipped with stretcher style carry handles for 2 or 4 person handling and pallet style feet for hand or fork truck moving. Recessed, removable cover panels provide easy access to internal components of which are plumbed using quick release coupling throughout.

The system can be powered from a portable 3-phase power source. Its energy efficiency demands a very low power requirement enabling the use of small, site generators to provide its power.

The system utilises a powerful self-priming pump with an 8-meter inlet hose.

Product water is delivered from a 6 meter hose with cam-lock fittings.

The unique, Wananchi designed, system ensures that the system requires minimal maintenance, minimal training and minimal supervision for simple and reliable production of safe drinking water.

Technical Data


  • Input Power: 240v AC, 1.1kw
  • Variable Speedrive; soft start and stop
  • Set Pressure: 50 psi (3.5 bar)
  • Maximum suction lift: 8m
  • Manual Priming via priming tap

UV Disinfection

  • 8 x UVC LED Modules
  • Input power: 12v DC, 8A
  • Life 10,000 hours; infinite cycles

Media Filter 

  • Glass reinforced pressure vessels
  • Automated backwash cycle
  • Maximum pressure: 50psi (3.5 bar)
  • Input Power: 5.0VDC 1000mA

Dosing Pump (Programmable)

  • Maximum pressure: 261 psi (18 bar)
  • Stroke frequency: 120 per minute
  • Max stroke volume: 0.55 m/l per pulse
  • Input Power: 240v AC 16W

Operational Data

  • Production per hour: 600 LPH
  • Feed water delivery: 3200 LPH
  • Water Temperature: 4-35°
  • Feed Water Pressure: 150 psi max (10 bar)
  • Salt Rejection: 98.6%
  • Feed Water Salinity: 35,000ppm NaCl, 25oC
  • Product Water Quality: <450ppm

Overall Dimensions

Control Unit

  • Width: 1250mm Depth: 530mm Height: 830mm
  • Weight: 170kg
  • Inlet Hose: 8.0m
  • Product hose: 5m max

Node Unit ‘1’

  • W: 810mm D: 680mm H: 1230mm
  • Weight: 170kg
  • Interconnect hose length: 1.5m

Node Unit 2

  • W: 140mm D: 480mm H: 490mm
  • Weight – wet: 95kg
  • Interconnect hose length: 1.5m

Product Water Certification

  • Full system microbiologically tested by UKAS approved laboratory
  • RO Membranes NSF and FDA Approved.
  • Carbon filter chlorine reduction tested in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 42 protocol.
  • UVC lamp microbiological testing in accordance with NSF and US EPA drinking water guidelines & tested for NSF/ANSI 372 & 61 compliance.
  • System CE/UKCA Compliant