Our high volume containerised water treatment plants for rapid deployment. Séon IFC has the ability to purify brackish and sea water sources combined with fully automated, de-sludge process for high turbidity water.


  • Standard shipping container
  • Fast set up
  • High volume output up to 6m3/h
  • Seawater capable
  • Minimal training & supervision
  • High turbidity water capability

Séon IFC was developed utilising proven technology to provide the end user with a robust, durable and simple to use water purification system to provide high outputs of safe, good quality drinking water for semi-permanent communities. Séon IFC being container mounted will easily fit within any road, ship or air logistical chain and needs minimal groundworks for installation.

Operation is simple:

  • Place the feed pump hoses into the source water and the product hoses to where the drinking water needs to be delivered.
  • Connect the outlet to a receiving tank.
  • Power up and switch on.

Fresh drinking water is now being delivered.


Séon IFC has  the capability to process very high volumes of drinking water from high brackish and full sea water sources water using a time proven Reverse Osmosis system.  Séon IFC has been designed for emergency response situations, large semi-permanent base camps and military applications to minimise the reliance, cost and waste of transporting water. The commercial applications are also wide where there is a need for a supply of purified water in remote location.

Séon IFC excells by incorportaing automated self cleaning systems that are capable of processing extremely turbid source water. This ability is paramount when processing the highly turbid water casued during floods/rain seasons.

Wananchi can also offer remote monitoring packages on maintenance and system performance directly from the UK.

Séon IFC is housed within standard 20` shipping containers. This method of equipment housing ensures that their contents are protected and that they will fit into almost any logistical supply chain in the world; road, rail, sea and air.

Operational Data

  • Automated membrane anti-scaling
  • Twin feed pumps for low pressure pre-filtration system with 2-4 bar discharge
  • Twin media filters with automated backwash to be programmed at chosen time. Using Anthracite and Silex media.
  • Max pressure: 4 bar
  • Filtration velocity: 10-15 m3/m2h
  • Backflow (at 2 bar): < 30m3/h
  • Twin 5 Micron PP wound filter cartridges (20×4.5”)
  • Triple set high pressure pumps with flow at 5m3/h @ 60 bar
  • 12 x RO membranes and vessels DOW SW-40
  • Product flow: up to 6m3/h
  • TDS: <500 mg/l
  • System Recovery: 35-40%
  • Total power of purification system 20.05 kw (approximate consumption 3-3.3 kwh/m3
  • Min feed water pressure: 0.5 bar.


  • Automated pressure and TDS sensing.
  • Schneider control panel with touch screen and internet capable remote operation.


  • ISO 6346 code 20GP 20G0
  • 20’ side opening – standard height
  • Standard container ISO locking points
  • Insulated walls and ceilings
  • Salt water resistant flooring
  • Drain point to expel water from spillage.
  • Water inlet and outlet manifolds: 2” BSP
  • Power connection plate to allow power connectors fitment.
  • Estimated weight: 7000kg
  • Fujitsu split colling and heating unit: Total power 4KW

Product Water Certification

  • Full system microbiologically tested by UKAS approved laboratory
  • RO Membranes NSF and FDA Approved.
  • Carbon filter chlorine reduction tested in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 42 protocol.
  • UVC lamp microbiological testing in accordance with NSF and US EPA drinking water guidelines & tested for NSF/ANSI 372 & 61 compliance.
  • UKAS Certified Drinking Water Quality
  • Meets WHO and UK drinking water standards

Wananchi supply a range of Séon IFC systems including bespoke system configurations; contact the team to discuss your requirement.