Wananchi’s ATT18 All Terrain Trailer is a lightweight, tough, durable towing pack designed as a reliable, simple answer for logistics using 4×4 cars and trucks on harsh trails.


The ATT18 was developed at Wananchi to provide our mid-range, Towed Séon water purifiers with a tough method of transportation to make them fully mobile.


  • Tough, durable design
  • All terrain
  • Fully welded load area
  • High load capacity
  • R-Flex Suspension
  • Metal/Canvas canopy choices

With high ground clearance to clear rocks and debris, deep wheel arches to minimise mud fouling and easy change, low maintenance rubber suspension make the ATT18 an ideal overland trailer.

Its fully welded load area with integral tie down points and drop down rear load door enable simple and secure stowing from loose aggregate to chassis mounted plant equipment.

The ATT18 is available with accessory options including wheel carrier, metal hard canopy, canvas soft canopy and shock/vibration isolation packs for fixed equipment loads.

The front A-frame is fitted with a long proven, fully braked tow pack. Unique to the ATT18, it has been designed with dual height mounting points to enable correct coupling for both 4×4 utility cars and larger trucks

Suspension is provided by the R.Flex suspension units. These are maintenance free, highly durable, long life units that are built to withstand the rigours of harsh terrains and temperatures. Spare parts are of minimal cost, size and weight whilst replacement is fast and easy to carry out making this an ideal choice for operating out in remote locations.

The load area is fully welded steel construction direct to the chassis providing integral strength and protection of its load. Multiple tie down points and a rear load door enable efficient load securing.

Swing down stabilisers are fitted to prevent trailer tipping when uncoupled from a vehicle.

The body is fully fitted with front and rear lights and quick release registration plate fittings for highway legal compliance.

ATT18 can be supplied with a canopy for load protection in either canvas with steel frame and roll up doors or Aluminium with steel frame and gas strut doors as optional extras.

Technical Data

Overall Dimensions

  • length: 2920mm
  • Width: 1425mm
  • Height: 1140mm
  • Weight: 420Kg
  • Hitch Height – Upper: 580mm
  • Hitch Height – Lower: 715mm

Payload Area

  • Length: 1850mm
  • Width: 1570mm
  • Depth: 470mm
  • Length: 600mm


  • Soft Canopy Weight: 40Kg
  • Soft canopy Height: 960mm
  • Hard Canopy Weight: 150Kg
  • Hard Canopy Height: 960mm


  • Gross Weight: 1800Kg
  • Wheel Rims: 16×6.6″ R16
  • Tyres: 205×80 R16
  • R.flex fully braked suspension units
    Knott 2700kg cast trailer coupling with auto reverse brake system