Séon VS

Séon VS is a containerised water purification system designed for use in remote villages and communities where electrical power, skilled labour and available funds for maintaining system function is limited. This system can be left with minimum supervision and pay for its own day to day operation as a micro business.

“Containerised water purification for remote villages”

Séon VS is a containerised water treatment plant based on simple, proven technologies combined to form a simple, cost effective water treatment plant which can process up to 10,000 litres of water per day from any available fresh, surface water source. Séon VS is incredibly cheap to operate and maintain. The system has been designed for use by local communities in remote, rural, locations where it has been shown that the equipment can be kept operational by running the system as a micro business.

Séon VS has been designed to provide a cost effective, simple to maintain and operate system which once deployed can be left in the care of communities in remote locations where spares, maintenance and skills are difficult to come by due to their location. Whilst not offering the extra layers of filtration and automation as the rest of the Séon family, Séon VS can provide lifesaving water day in, day out.

A recent United Nations conference in response to the latest Philippines tragedy has highlighted the need for this type of equipment to be used more for humanitarian aid due to its ability to be stored in readiness for rapid deployment and that it can be left for the community as operational with minimum supervision or indeed be repacked, serviced and put back into store for redeployment.

Product benefits

  • Standard 20` shipping container
  • Up to 10,000 litres per day
  • Fresh water system
  • Incredibly simple and cheap to run
  • Can be maintained locally as a micro business

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