Séon UV - Portable Water Purifier

Séon UV is a lightweight, case enclosed portable water purification system that enables filtration and disinfection of contaminated fresh water direct at source using ‘Séon Water Purification Technology’.

Séon UV is equipped with an innovative system of triple filters and an Ultra Violet disinfecting light to produce potable water from any dirty fresh water source using its own self-priming pump and power pack. The whole system is housed within a tough, military specification case for it to withstand the harshest of environments and insensitive handling.

  • Man portable
  • 420 Litres per hour capability
  • Fresh water system
  • Set up in minutes
  • Military standard housing
  • Integral power pack and pump

`Séon Water Purification Technology` defines, dramatically and decisively, our ethos surrounding what constitutes a deployable Mobile Water Purification System.

Tough, durable, reliable, stand-alone operation and simple to use mobile water purification systems to produce pure, safe drinking water direct from source.

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