Séon TRO Seawolf

Séon TRO Seawolf, a point of use Mobile Water Purification System for standalone desalination; capable of producing pure, safe drinking water direct from the sea using `Séon Water Purification Technology`.

Séon TRO Seawolf is equipped with a feed pump, a multi-stage purification system and an integral diesel generator to power the system to enable self contained, all in one operation.  

The whole system is housed within an all-terrain trailer to create an all in one, towable, easily deployed package. A choice of Aluminium canopy or UVC resistant canvas protects the system from environmental damage. All components are sourced for their highest quality and proven reliability to ensure the system works when its needed. 

  • All terrain trailer
  • 0.66 m3/hour capability
  • Seawater System
  • Set up in minutes
  • Integral generator and pumps

`Séon Water Purification Technology`Tough, reliable, high quality mobile water purification systems designed to withstand the harshest of environments to produce fresh, potable water direct from source.

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