Séon IFC High Volume Water Purification

Séon IFC is a high output, high quality mobile water purification system housed within an internationally recognised standard shipping container. Using Séon Water Purification Technology, this system can be set up and producing good tasting, safe, clean water in minimal time.

With the capability to process up to 132 m³ in a 24 hour period (5.5m3 per hour) from high brackish water, Séon IFC is built for the supply of drinking water in emergency response situations, large semi-permanent camps and displaced persons temporary villages and similar by purifying water direct from source. The commercial applications are also wide where there is a need for a supply of purified water on location. 

Séon IFC excells by incorportaing atomated self cleaning systems that are capable of processing extremely turbid source water.

Séon IFC is a complete water solution. Simply ship the unit to site, plug into a power supply then pump water direct from source. Wananchi will provide your organisation with full product training.

  • Standard shipping container
  • 5.5 m3/hour capability
  • High brackish water system
  • Fast set up 
  • Automated de-sludging and cleaning
  • Remote monitoring option

`Séon Water Purification Technology`Tough, reliable, high quality mobile water purification systems designed to withstand the harshest of conditions to produce fresh, drinking water direct from source.

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