Séon Water Purification Systems

Séon UV

A compact, robust, simple to use portable water purifier. Safe drinking water out in the field; water is pumped and purified directly from water source.

Séon UVT

Our All-Terrain Trailer mounted water purifier capable of producing high volumes of potable water directly from a fresh water source.

Séon IFC

A high volume containerised water treatment plant for rapid deployment. Producing up to 5.5m3 of potable water per hour, Séon IFC is an obvious choice where a high water volume is required.

Séon TRO Seawolf

A complete seawater purification system; An All-Terrain Trailer mounted Reverse Osmosis system (RO) for desalinating pure water directly from the sea.

Séon VS

Séon VS is a containerised water purification system designed for use in remote villages and communities where electrical power, skilled labour and available funds for maintaining system function is limited. This system can be left with minimum supervision and pay for its own day to day operation as a micro business.

Séon RO Seawolf

Séon RO Seawolf is a portable water purification system for the production of pure drinking water directly from the the sea. Simply put a hose into the water source, switch on and start purifying, its that simple.