UV-C LED Mobile Water Purification

UV-C LED Water Purification

Technology never stands still and with a worldwide focus on energy consumption and environmental concerns, one area of innovation relevant to Water Purification is Ultra Violet light.  Accepted thinking has always been that Ultra Violet (UV) light has been the main method of bacterial and viral elimination in mobile water purification systems.   This has been achieved using lamps and tube style assemblies that have an inherent fragility and contamination risk.  Most UV tubes have mercury and other chemicals housed in a glass case that if broken would join the water flow.

Wananchi has formed a relationship with world leaders in UV-C LED technology AquiSense in North Carolina, US and are using their Pearl Aqua product for disinfection.  Séon UV is the first mobile water purification system to utilise this breakthrough LED technology to ensure the water from the unit is clean and safe for drinking whilst addressing the physical demands and energy consumption pressures facing a mobile water purifier system.

Oliver Lawal, CEO of Aquisense - “AquiSense is proud to support Wananchi with our unique, UV-C LED technology.  The reliability, robustness and low energy consumption is a perfect fit for the basis of everything that Wananchi do.”

The Pearl Aqua unit is mounted in Séon UV and provides the 3rd treatment stage.  The 1.0 micron filtered water flow enables the UV-C light from the Pearl Aqua unit to kill 99.9% of bacteria, virii and other pathogens and prevent live organisms reaching the 4th stage, a 0.2micron filter.  This method of UV-C disinfection means there is no ‘grow through’ on the final filter giving a storage benefit for intermittent use as well as additional purification performance.

We are very pleased and proud to use this innovation as it maintains our commitment to use the very best technologies suited to the application whilst staying true to our design philosophies of robust, rugged devices and simple to use and maintain.

Find out more about Séon UV or visit our partner Aquisense