Military Water Purification

Séon portable water purifying equipment is designed for military front line survivability. The combat water supply chain (CWSS) in a military war theatre incurs massive cost, uses up valuable man power and equipment to protect the water and puts extra risk into an obviously already, high risk environment.

Séon UV (freshwater) and Séon RO Seawolf (Seawater) can easily be fitted into most vehicles, simply purify water at source, minimising the reliance on transporting water. They fit in perfectly for forward theatre operations, checkpoints and as emergency backup to higher volume equipment in rear base conditions. Séon UVT, TRO Seawolf and IFC offer far higher production volumes of potable water from towed and containerised units that will integrate easily within standard military supply chains. 

Séon has been designed for strength and durability in a military environment. Controls, appearance and build quality enables Séon to instantly fit in with existing hardware. Minimum training is required to operate and maintain the equipment. Minimal parts are required for consumables spares and maintenance.

Séon will process bacteria riddled water of foul taste, odour and appearance into pure, good tasting water of clear appearance and tested water quality equal to or exceeding British municipal tap water supplies.

  • High water production rates
  • Tough/durable/simple
  • Minimal size and weight
  • Rapid deployment
  • Military standard controls
  • Certified water quality
  • NATO Stock Number