Humanitarian Aid

The challenges facing those tasked with providing humanitarian aid are massively daunting and generally in some of the most remote and harsh environments. Regardless of the given task, the provision of safe drinking water is always a priority for both the aid giver and receiver.

Traditionally pre-purified water would be shipped to the area of need in bottles or tanks. The cost, risk and pollution damage of doing this can be massive, from the manufacture of bottles, the fuel burnt, the risk to life crossing hostile environments to the inevitable littering of waste. Ironically, for many of the instances there are ample water sources at or close to the point of need. Removing this logistical nightmare eliminates the above problems and in turn frees up manpower, the logistics chain and aid capital to concentrate on other tasks.

Wananchi Séon water purifiers have been developed as a direct answer to these challenges.

Séon UV and RO Seawolf are lightweight man portable systems, designed for teams operating out of a vehicle or to be kept in store ready for grabbing in case of emergency for fast response.

Séon UVT and TRO Seawolf are all terrain trailer mounted systems capable of producing high volumes of potable water direct from water source whilst staying small enough to be towed by a standard 4x4.

Séon IFC is a high volume, containerised water purification plant. Capable of processing high brackish water for long term community camps of high populations.

Séon VS is a simple, low cost, containerised water treatment plant designed as humanitarian aid for villages. The format enables rapid, simple deployment, minimal training and operation costs enabling it to be left the responsibility of the village community to keep it functioning with minimal outside supervision and resupply. 

  • High water production rates
  • Tough/durable/simple
  • Minimal size and weight
  • Rapid deployment
  • International product support
  • Certified water quality

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