Expedition Support

The Séon portable water purifier concept was borne as front end equipment for teams working out in the field in remote environments. Wananchi experience in the field led to the development of a tough, durable, simple and lightweight portable water purifier in order to replace the illogical and impractical method of shipping bottled water around the world.

Séon UV (freshwater) and Séon RO Seawolf (Seawater) can easily be loaded into most vehicles to allow the team to simply purify water at source, minimising the reliance on transporting water and saving weight and space. Wherever your team is working, on the move or at base camps, water is always an essential requirement. Séon can eliminate the need to carry vast quantities of water. One battery charge of Séon UV can deliver up to 1500 litres of safe, fresh water. The 12V battery system can be charged from almost any source; car, mains, solar.

Séon has been designed for strength and durability in the toughest of environments. Controls, appearance and build quality enables Séon to be instantly useable with no experience. Minimum training is required to operate and maintain the equipment. Minimal parts are required for consumables spares and maintenance.

Séon will process bacteria riddled water of foul taste, odour and appearance into palatable, good tasting drinking water clear in appearance. 

  • Up to 1500 litres potable water per charge
  • Tough/durable/simple
  • Minimal size and weight
  • Self-powered
  • Military standard controls
  • Certified water quality
  • International distributors for customer support

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