About Wananchi

Military water purifer

Wananchi Ltd and the Séon family of mobile water purifiers were borne from on the ground experience of seeing safe water needlessly being transported at great expense and risk to locations where impure water sources could be utilised. 

The team at Wananchi whilst based in the United Kingdom, have lived and worked in parts of the world where water supply is a critical need. They have solved on demand water needs for overland expeditions to complete community installations producing thousands of litres of clean, safe water for drinking.

The Séon UV first came about as an idea from witnessing drinking water being distributed around South Sudan by aeroplane. Many of these places being distributed to had ample sources of water, i.e; The Nile!! The stacked costs and risk involved appeared obvious and completely unnecessary. From the oil and energy used to manufacture and fill the bottles with water through to cost and risk of flying into hazardous areas of political instability and heavily mined territory. We decided to design an answer that could produce potable water at source whilst at the same time be rugged enough to cope with the tough conditions it would have to work in. Ultimately it would need to be small and light enough to fit into the back of an expedition vehicle.

In case you were wondering; Wananchi is a Swahili word meaning `of` or `for the people`. Séon is an Old English word meaning to `strain, filter` or `make clear`.