Séon VS Low cost, easy maintain aid water purification

A low cost, simple to operate, containerised water purification system for remote, rural communities to provide potable water when funds and materials for operation are scarce.

Séon VS is a containerised fresh water treatment plant designed for remote communities with no access to safe drinking water.

Séon VS combines simple, proven technologies to create an easy to operate, cost effective water treatment plant which can process up to 15,000 litres of water per day from any available fresh, surface water source into potable water.

Operation is simple:

  • Pump source water into elevated tank with pump
  • Let gravity filter the water.
  • Bleed air from the system by pressing the black buttons.
  • Add Chlorine to disinfect.

Safe, potable water is now available using gravity to deliver. 

Séon VS has multiple application possibilities. It can be installed as permanent projects directly with the local community and or local partners such as non-governmental organisations (NGO), community based organisations, businesses and governments. The installations can be encouraged, wherever possible, to be operated as micro businesses to enable self-sustainability.

The components used to make up the water purification system are widely available throughout the world including the knowledge to use and maintain them, this gives Séon VS maximum security for continued operation over extended periods of time with minimal support from donor charities.

Wananchi manufacture these systems at zero profit to play our part in delivering water to those do not have access to it.

Contact the Team at Wananchi to learn more.

Meets WHO potable water standards

Source Capability Fresh Water
Water Cost £0.00045p per litre
Feed Pressure 46 psi (3.2 Bar)
Working Pressure Gravity
Total Head 32m
Container Dimensions
Length 20′ (6.1m)
Width  8′ (2.44m)
Height 8’6″ (2.59m)
Weight 4.2 Tonnes approx


Flocc/Coag Specified per project
Disinfection Sodium Hypochlorite

Each project will require initial site survey,
water sampling and active discussion with
the community involved before deployment.