Introducing the toughest of portable water purifiers.

Created from years of development working directly with Search and Rescue Teams, Humanitarian Organisations and Defence to provide safe drinking water in the most isolated of locations.


Séon UV is equipped with 3-stage cartridge filtration and cutting-edge LED Ultra Violet (UVC) disinfection technology to produce great tasting drinking water from any fresh water source.


  • Lightweight, portable
  • 600 litres pure water per hour
  • Fresh water system
  • Set up in minutes
  • Military standard housing
  • Integral power pack and pump

Weighing in at only 43kg whilst delivering up to 600 litres per house, Séon UV is is a powerful tool for any deployed team working in remote places.

The whole system is housed within a tough, military specification case for it to withstand the harshest of environments and insensitive handling. Séon UV has a footprint small enough to be man portable and fit easily into the back of any 4×4 vehicle.

Operation is simple:

  • Connect the RED hose and place the free end in the water sources.
  • Connect the BLUE hose.
  • Switch on and drinking water is produced.

Fresh drinking water is now available on demand; simply open and close the tap on the product hose as you would in your own home. 


Séon UV is small and light enough to reach some of the most difficult to access water sources and can even be used in doors.

Water is automatically pumped using its own self-priming pump and 12VDC power pack. The system can be charged from any 12VDC source whilst its water proof mains charger doubles as a power source to provide continuous operation.

Coloured indicator lights and mechanical water metering enable quick and easy monitoring of system status and keeping an eye on filter life.

Colour coded hoses with quick release Cam-lock connections ensures a fast set and the ability to produce drinking water in just minutes.

Séon UV features the state of the art Pearl Aqua LED disinfection system (As developed for the International Space Station). The Pearl Aqua is virtually unbreakable whilst providing a powerful microbial disinfecting capability helping make Séon one of the toughest portable water purification systems available and leader in its class.

Séon UV  is equipped with Patented filter housings enable fast and simple filter cartridge changes without needing access into case or removal of extra components. The filter cartridges are easily identified with colour coded labels to matching colour coded filter housings, filter swap outs could not be simpler.

The water purification system is chassis mounted which in turn is housed within a military approved Amazon Case. All components are protected by a shock and vibration isolation system. The case is fully tested to MIL Standards.

Internal components are protected from behind a hard plastic panel which doubles up as a minimal, simple user interface.

Technical Data


  • 12v DC with thermal protection
  • Cut out pressure: 70psi (4.8 bar)
  • Maximum suction lift: 3m
  • Power Consumption: Average 2.8A with new filters
  • 110-240V AC Input
  • 12-14.6V DC Output, 12A
UV Disinfection  
  • 2 x UVC LED Modules
  • Input power: 12v DC, 2A
  • Life 10,000 hours; infinite cycles

Power Cell                                                                       

  • RED FLASH™ XP22-12
  • Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery
  • Specification: 12v DC, 22Ah                                                

Actual Operation Data

  • Water production rate of up to 10 lpm with fresh filters (may lessen as filters age)
  • System Max pressure: 70psi (4.8 bar)
  • Production per hour: Max 600 litres
  • Production battery charge: Max 1450 litres over 2.75 hours
  • Water Temperature: 0 > 50°

Dimensions: System and Supplied Components

  • Case overall size: Width: 600mm Depth: 450mm Height: 400mm
  • Weight Dry: 41.7kg
  • Weight Wet: 44.9kg
  • Inlet Hose Length: 2700mm
  • Discharge hose Length: 1500 mm

Product Water Certification

  • Membrane filter certified for bacterial retention >Log 7 microbial reduction 99.9999%.
  • UVC Lamp disinfection certified for bacterial retention >Log 4 microbial reduction 99.99%.
  • UVC lamp microbiological testing in accordance with NSF and EPA drinking water guidelines & tested for NSF/ANSI 372 & 61 compliance.
  • Sediment filter WRAS/FDA/CFR Compliant.
  • Carbon filter chlorine taste and odour reduction tested in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 42 protocol.
  • Membrane filter WRAS/BS6920/FDA Compliant.
  • Full system microbiologically tested by UKAS approved laboratory.

Ingress Protection Rating: IP65

Additional Equipment

Optional extras include a Solar Charge Kit for independent recharge whilst the Transfer Tank Kit provides a significantly increased source water extraction capability for difficult to access places and at the same time gives a in-camp water source.

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