MVP Paqua Natural Biocide Disinfection

MVP Paqua is a fully automated fresh water purification system. This unique water purifier has been developed in a collaboration between Portsmouth Aqua and the University of the West of England using cutting edge biocidal disinfection (PAQUA) with full automation and remote monitoring.

Biocidal Dissinfection

PAQUA Generator produces “On Demand” Hypochlorous acid, directly from the water it is purifying, which behaves as a natural disinfectant killing pathogens in the water within safe WHO guidelines for drinking water.

PAQUA also has a self-cleaning effect on the filter membranes within the systems preventing damage by growth of bacteria their walls.

As the PAQUA is disinfecting the water it converts itself back into the H2O it was produced from.

Full Automation

The water purification system is fully automated from water input, disinfection and backwashing through to the product water out. Intelligent system controls allow the MVP unit to have full remote access and monitoring to provide in the field product support.


The system is housed within a standard 10′ shipping container allowing it to fit within any logistical system whilst providing equipment protection and fast set up.