Provision of water in remote locations is a costly and a tough logistical challenge for any organisation. Séon has been developed as a direct response to these challenges; providing reliable, robust water purification equipment enabling fresh, safe drinking water anywhere.


Designed to fit within any military combat water supply system (CWSS), Séon water purification equipment is rugged, easy to use with standard military specification casing, controls and fittings to ensure end user familiarity and simplified maintenance.


At the core of providing humanitarian Aid is the requirement for water, both for those receiving and for those delivering the aid. Wananchi have developed a range of equipment that will help replace the need for moving water by purifying at source.


Portable water purification for teams working out in the field in remote environments. Wananchi offers man portable, lightweight units that fit in the back of the car to high output trailered units. Bottled water can now become a thing of the past...